Validating & Assessing IT Objectives towards the development of an IT governance Assessment Framework (ITGaF)

Volume 5  Issue 2    2011


Author(s): Kamran Brohi, Dr. Shamsul Anuar Mokhtar, Dr. Imtiaz Ali Korejo
Abstract In this rapidly progressing information era, higher education institutions in Malaysia in general and univerisites in particular, are also playing their role for the provision of better educational services and remain competitive in a global knowledge industry. A lack of presence of a proper framework has been noticed, in many asia-pacific countries including Malaysia, to assess and evaluate IT governance in higheer education sector. In this study a total of 18 objectives , which were earlier derived in accordance with the basic princples of ISO/IEC 38500 and its core contrls and mapped with the other frameworks and research studies on IT governance, are validated for their importance. The same are also used to assess the initial performance of IT governance within universities of Malaysia. This research discusses the validation of these 18 IT objectives using Delphi method and also assesses the initial maturity of these objectives within HEIs of Malaysia. This study is based on an earlier research study by the authors and is part of a PhD research for developing an IT governance Assessment Framework (ITGaF) for universities in Malaysia.
Keywords IT governance, IT Objectives, Assessment framework, IT governance framework, Higher education.
Year 2011
Volume 5
Issue 2
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
Journal Name Journal of Information & Communication Technology
Publisher Name ILMA University
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ISSN no (E, Electronic) 2075-7239
ISSN no (P, Print) 2415-0169
Country Pakistan
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