Quantifying the seasonal variation in virtual height of ionosphere F2 layer at Pakistan atmospheric region

Volume 5  Issue 2    2011


Author(s): Akbar Ali Jilani, M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai
Abstract The aim of this paper is to assess the seasonal variation in virtual height of ionosphere F2 layer for Pakistan's atmospheric region (PAR). The sun is a main source of ionization in the extraterrestrial atmosphere, so that the variation depends upon the solar activity and geomagnetic conditions. The behavior of process has been represented by the descriptive techniques that comprise the simple regression and polynomial regression strategies. The relevance of these models has been illuminated using predicted values of different parameters under the seasonal variation of ionosphere F2 layer in virtual height through the radio wave propagation. The information obtained from such analysis initiates a study towards formulating the phenomenon appeared due to interaction of radio zwave propagation with the ionosphere layer with special reference to the atmospheric region of Pakistan.
Keywords autoregressive process, variation in virtual height, polynomial regression, simple regression.
Year 2011
Volume 5
Issue 2
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
Journal Name Journal of Information & Communication Technology
Publisher Name ILMA University
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ISSN no (E, Electronic) 2075-7239
ISSN no (P, Print) 2415-0169
Country Pakistan
City Karachi
Institution Type University
Journal Type Open Access
Manuscript Processing Blind Peer Reviewed
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Paper Link https://jict.ilmauniversity.edu.pk/journal/jict/5.2/2.pdf
Page 52-60